General Partnership Benefits

With access to over 10,000 Automotive Technology Professionals from 100+ varies type of car producers, tier one/ tier twos, technology /solutions suppliers, Automotive Technology Summit is the ideal platform for its event partners to be perfectly placed to increase their exposure and business opportunities.

Strategic Partner

Automotive Technology Summit  open partnership Opportuntiies for government entities, government agencies, retail project owners, market consulting and market survey firms, associations with Strategic Partnership Opportunity.

Knowledge Partner

Knowledge Partner is open for the market survey firms, market studies specialists, experts in technological consulting,  Automotive  market survey and  automotive  project consulting. We have worked with the major market consulting firms across Asia market in partnership.

Media Partner

Orgaizing committee opens its Media Partnership Opportunities to  Automotive  Industry Specialized Medias and General Public Medias for Businesses. Medias can contribute this event by branding, promtoion and marketing for the event, while the media partners are provided access to the event data, event agenda, speaker and leaders interview opportunities and the counter-promotion and branding from the organizer.