Southeast Asia Automotive Technology Summit 2019


Made Dana Tangkas

President -IOI / Senior Executive Advisor - PT Toyota Manufacturing 

Institut Otomotif Indonesia (IOI) / PT. Toyota Manufacturing 

He was a Vice President of production engineering, and Indonesia project leader at Toyota Motor Asia Pacific and also an advisor for TMMIN BOD. Before that Mr. Tangkas was a Director of technical, quality, production control and logistic, export import, and engineering. He was a Senior General Manager for purchasing division, operation management consulting division, technical directorate, and corporate planning. Mr. Tangkas was a Senior General Manager for Karawang Plant Operation. He was general manager of production control of PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia. Mr. Tangkas was division head/ general manager of production control, new model project management chief, and SIP project (ex. Kadera Ar. Indonesia) of PT. Toyota-Astra Motor. He is a trainer and instructor of Toyota Production System, practical problem solving, and assessor for manager development.

These are Mr. Tangkas’s Professional Activities:

1) Chairman of standing committee for industrial policy and regional empowerment in Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) in 2014 – now.

2) Chief of the land transport equipment compartment in Indonesian Business Association (APINDO) in 2013 – now.

3) Working Group Members of National Economic & Industrial Committee (KEIN) for Basic Metal Industries and Industrial Zone in 2016 – now.

4) Chairman of Industrial Engineering Alumni Association – Bandung Institute of Technology in 2017 – now.

5) Chief of the Institution of Engineers Indonesia – Industrial Engineering (PII- BKTI) in 2018 – now.

6) Vice Chairman of IRDI (Indonesian Research and Development Institute in 2016 – now).

7) Chief of Industry Development in the Association of Indonesia Automotive Industries (GAIKINDOin 2009 – 2019).

8) Head of ASEAN Automotive Federation (AAF) - Economy Committee in 2013-2015.

9) Chairman of Association of Indonesian Industrial Engineer and Management (ISTMI) in 2008-2015.

10) Chairman of APJP (Association of Priority Lane) in 2012-2015.

11) Teams of Fuels Gas Usage Implementation for the Road Transport Sector in 2016.

12) President of AJJIF (Jujitsu-Indonesia) in 2012-2015.

13) Chairman of LPB – Bali (Business Development Agency in 2013 – now.

Mr. Tangkas earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the Bandung Institute of  Technology and Master of Development Economics from UPNVY.