Southeast Asia Automotive Technology Summit 2019


Donny Septianto Kurniawan

Managing Director
ZF Indonesia


  • More than 19 years exposure professionally in multinational companies with the experiences of business plan & strategy, general management, marketing, sales and aftersales development. Also accomplished in all areas relating to distribution development and customer relationship management.
  • Have good network relation with government officers and institutions, mass media and professional organizations. Also have good market & financial analysis, technical knowledge and strategic leadership.
  • A fast learner, high achiever, self-starter, reliable, creative, problem solver, independently motivated, strong in negotiation, capable of performing responsibilities in the high-pressure conditions and represent company professionally and competently to external environment.
  • Very well adapted in teamwork environment consisting several of study, background and culture.
  • Loves sports, reading and traveling.
  • Languages: Bahasa (Indonesia), Japanese, English, and Germany.


  1. Successfully in 2017 over achieved Bosch Rexroth – Connected Hydraulic & Automation Project in Indonesia, with incremental of YoY turnover +15%.
  2. Successfully in 2015 over achieved Bosch Rexroth – Project & System Sales for Pulp & Paper Industry in Indonesia, with Sales Revenue USD. 18 Million.  
  3. Successfully in 2013 launched Tata Motors Company in Indonesia and well executed of commercial vehicles sales in Indonesia.  
  4. Successfully in 2011 achieved the first multi year’s project for Bearing and Seals in Indonesia Railways Company, with Sales Revenue USD. 9.5 Million.
  5. Successfully in 2008 developed and launched Goodyear Auto Care as a new concept of Goodyear Retail Business in Indonesia.
  6. (Sales Growth of Goodyear Consumer Tires +23%).
  7. Successfully in March 2006 achieved General Overseas Market Country Award from Nissan Motor Ltd, Japan by improving Sales & Aftersales Operation at Dealership and implemented cross-functional activities.
  8. (#1 for CSI Ranking and #3 for SSI Ranking in 2005 – JD Power AP).